The World Has Need of Willing Men and Women (Week 65)

Dear Fam and Fris,

    This week was great. It is hard to follow the miracle filled week we had last week, but still, a good week. This weeks big success is Nolard. He is an Adventist member of about 8 months. We have been teaching him for about a week and a half now. He came to church with us and the members did their work in fellowshipping him. Later that night we went to a crepe night at the Eclars home and ate crepes and talked about the Plan of Salvation. It was very awesome to be there. We need to review certain things with him, but he is a great candidate for baptism. The Josephs were not able to come to church this week but we did teach their family with Sister Gamiette and the Gamiette kids. They all bore powerful testimonies at the end (with a little poking and prompting). It was the best part of the lesson. Yannick, had a baptismal date for the 31 of January, but he has fallen and refuses to recieve help from us or God. He is skeptical about everything and doubts what he has felt and seen. So we, with sorrowful hearts had to drop him. It was sad, but I know another missionary will come by sooner or later and pick up the pieces. That is what I love about this work: No good work goes in vain. Julie’s date of baptism is for the end of this week. But she has been doubting her readiness. We had a good lesson and asked her to pray about and for an answer. Nevertheless, we will be moving her date of baptism to the 31 of January. And I know she can make it. God has given a decree, and I feel we have worked hard enough to get a baptism this month. I know we can. I am excited to see what the Lord does to make it work.
    Time flies when you are having fun. Sometimes it goes a little too fast. Only 7 months left on a mission. Too fast. Love you all so much.
-Elder Ehlert
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