Special Broadcast from SLC to the West Indies. (Week 67)

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Dear Family and Friends,

  This week has been good. I don’t have lots of time but I just want to go over quickly this week.
  Church this week was in Abymes (The Pits), that is where the big chapel is. We had a broadcast from Salt Lake to all of the West Indies and nobody else. Yes, you can say we felt special. President Packer and Elder Holland spake to us and talked about tithing (a big problem here), families, and making our homes a véritable (real) heaven on earth. It was cool. We got a ride with our landlords. They loved it. They will be baptized soon. 😉
  This week we taught a lesson to a progressing investigator named Cedric. He understands really well and is really loving the gospel. At the end of the lesson, he quickly got up and cleared some space in the middle of the room, ran into the kitchen, grabbed a glass of water and splashed it on the ground. Of course Elder Glover and I were a bit puzzled. Was it a bug? A piece of dirt? “Come come!” he said. “Stand in the water. Now…Pray.” So we prayed in a puddle, in the middle of a house. He later explained that it was power for the house. And that the house was now blessed. I think we know what we need to teach next time. 😉
  Our progressing investigators are still progressing. They have some worries, but they will be baptized this transfer.
  Well, I love you all. Thanks for your prayers.
-Elder Ehlert

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