New Apartment (Week 63)

Dear Family and Friends,

     This week was a great week. We saw many miracles. The people here in Petit Bourg are very open, nice and prepared to receive us and the message we have to offer. Already we have another baptismal date for Yannick. He is a 32 yr old man who, as we taught, changed his life. He quit smoking and drinking during our lesson of the plan of salvation. He will be baptized on the 31 of January. Julie, the wife of Fabian (the excommunicated member) will be baptized the 24th of January. She is awesome and is the anchor of the two. Blessings are abounding here. Our landlord (who lives under us) and her family are reading The Book of Mormon and will be coming to church this week. We had many miracles contacting, and finding family members of members who are less active or “not yet” members. The Lord really does direct this work. We are expecting lots more baptismal dates in the near near future. We are excited to get up, workout, eat a kiwi, study, and hit the road. Because we know, we really do know that we will find somebody who is ready for us. I love this work.
    Also, we moved into a new apartment. It is next to the ocean and an old haitian’s bird farm. Too many birds, turkeys, ducks, and a few goats. It isn’t the most pleasant thing to wake up to at 4:30 in the morning. But it is ok, our land lord is calling the Gendarm (the cops) on him. So hopefully that will work out. All is well here in the city of the little town. Love you all!

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