Manner of Happiness (Week 89)

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Dear Everybody,
  The nature of a mission is such that every week is amazing. So I can not say that it wasn’t a good week. It was a good week. It was full of finding and teaching. The area of Schoelcher has been in need of a “pick me up” for a long while now. And to do it, we have been finding the people that are prepared. The Lord has sent us to baptize, and to baptize we need to find and teach the restored gospel to those who have been prepared by the hand of the Lord and His angels. In the Book of Mormon this idea is evident as Ammon, Alma, and Aaron and the Sons of Mosiah teach those who have been prepared. Alma turns away from a multitude and teaches those who have been prepared. So that is exactly what we have been doing here. We have turned away from the people we have been teaching, to teach and find those who are prepared. And of course, we are seeing some mighty miracles!
  Tomorrow the new mission president of the new Barbados Bridgetown Mission, of which I am apart, will be coming to meet us and shake our hands and stuff. Should be cool.
  To live after the manner of happiness is to live after the manner of the Lord. I know that that is true. I have seen very evidently the two sides of this promise. I have seen the change in people that leave the gospel, and I have seen the change of people that accept to live according to happiness. So I guess my little engagement to you is live more happily! Live after the manner of happiness! It isn’t your way, but it is God’s way! AND IT WORKS! The reason everybody says that the mission is the best two years is because we are living the closest we can to His manner of living. And I am so happy. Carrément happy! Love you all. I will talk to you next week!
 -Elder Ehlert

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