Laeticia is getting married. (Week 69)

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Dear Everyone,

First of all sorry for writing on Thursday, the end of Carnival was this week so everybody is out of the house and out of the work office to party. It is a great time for missionaries though, we get lots of people wanting to repent afterwards. Then you get the few people saying that God has closed His eye for a couple days…yeah…

This last week was good. Elder Glover had a bad fall back into the Chik. And to make it worse he had the flu at the same time. So he had a fever of 103, a rash type thing all over, hot and cold chills, restless nights, etc… So for about 5 days (as ordered by the mission doctor), I studied the New Testament. At the beginning of the five days I was at the end of Acts. And at the end of the 5 days I am in the middle of Galatians. Lots of knowledge to retain and use. That’s life. On Saturday, we went to a spectacle by the youth celebrating the 25th year of the church in the West Indies (as an official mission and organization). We got permission from the mission pres to stay out later (we took advantage of that and stayed out till 11) to watch the youth. There is some talent in Gwada let me tell ya! It was cool to see people walking into the concert hall because they were interested in the “noise”. Good thing the missionaries were the door greeters. 😉

I found out that Laeticia, the young lady I baptized is getting married in March! That will be so cool to see (if I am still here. We
will find out this Saturday) and be apart of. She is so firm on a temple marriage, which is so cool to see from a recent convert. Some
more good news about converts, Jean is now the executive secretary in the branch of Basse-Terre! So cool. He is learning some computer
skills in the process. 😉 It is so cool to see people grow in the knowledge of the Savior. Especially when you have found them and brought them back into fold. Really humbling actually.

Well to finish off the letter for this week, here is just a little spiritual thought: Keep your eye fixed on the Savior. As Peter walked on water towards Christ, his eye was fixed upon his Master. The instant he looked at the waves, and the storm rolling in, he started to sink. It is the same for us. As we do everything with our eye fixed on Him and His glory, the waves will roar and the clouds will darken; but we will not sink. It is a promise. And how do we keep our eye fixed on Him? Well, that would be a good personal study for you wouldn’t it? Or a family home evening perhaps… 😀

Elder Ehlert

PS: Sorry about not taking pics for a while, the camera has been dead.
Maybe next week.

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