Jump into the fog ;) (Week 70)

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Dear Family and Friends,

 Well I got my transfer call, and guess who is my new companion?! I actually don’t have one. I will explain. So, Elder Glover is going to St. Martin to be a ZL, and I was suppose to train, but he has not come in (he will come next transfer). So for the instant, I am by myself running Petit-Bourg. I will be put with two other missionaries in the closest area which is Baie-Mahault. So I will be with Elder Drennan and Elder Okano (again!). So we will be running two pretty good size areas on bikes. All the while still trying to meet our standards of excellence for the two areas. Talk about nerve racking. Please send out some prayers in my behalf. That would be wonderful.
  Elder Glover is now healed! And it happens to be that he is leaving. It always happens that way. But always for a reason. Elder Drennan and I have sworn off baguettes (bread in general as well). I am hoping that it will make my jolly cheeks go down…fingers crossed.
  This week was a great week to end the transfer. Elder Glover and I taught really well together this last week. In past weeks it has been hard for us to get the feel of things but now we got it. And it was amazing to see the power in our teaching improve when there is more than “one witness” testifying. We have two dates of baptism now, Madame Carjuste, a middle aged haitian that loves the gospel. And she understands the message really well. The only thing that is bugging her right now is the temporal worries with her house and kids. She was burned really badly and had to be in the hospital for a month or so, and all the while the bills were not being paid. So she is regulating that and it is hard for her. But she knows that the gospel will help her in someway with the problems that she has. She has enough faith to know that blessings will come, even when she doesn’t know in what way they will come. Next, we have Johan, the elders of Baie-Mahault found him while doing service and then gave us his phone number, and it turns out he is prepared and ready to be baptized at the end of March. He is a 26 year old young man who loves the outdoors and wants to raise a family unto God. And he wants to know the best way to do it. He will be baptized for a start. Fabian and Julie are progressing well, they have read everyday for the past week and a half. And they are in the process of stopping to smoke. They are doing very well and they are very happy in their new appartment.
  I love this gospel and I know that the Lord qualifies those who He calls. I know that is true. What better way is there to get qualified than just jumping in it? I don’t think there is a better way. You could read all the books on how to be a missionary, but doing it, that is a whole different ball game. So read lots and then do it.
  I know that this gospel is real and truer than true. And it will bless, protect, heal, help, humble, and sanctify everyone within its reach. For that is the goal of its creation. So have faith and jump into the fog, the blessings lay just of our view.
Elder Ehlert

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