Finding Hope (Week 68)

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Dear Family and Friends,

   This week was a good week. We got lots of stuff done in the sense of being a missionary, and I even got a lot done in the sense of being “a better me”. And I think that was the biggest success this week, even when we had 10 investigators at church. 😉
  I don’t want to get into the details of how I have changed and how the mission has changed me and things; because I am still changing and growing. So I will leave that for the homecoming talk or something. But this week was a great week for me to change very important things in my life. Most of things are Christlike attributes (for you missionaries). The biggest one I have worked on, and still working on is Hope. I can say that from my youth, I didn’t have lots of hope. I had it, but it wasn’t anything big. I know I will see my savior again and I have a hope in the resurrection. The hope I am talking about is the hope in and of others. Which is hard when they slam doors in your face, toss water and juice on you, throw rocks, steal your bike, reject you because you are white, or because they want to “live and die a catholic”. Boy, if I had a euro for every time I have heard that phrase… So as you see it is hard to have hope in someone that: you don’t know, and from the get-go are out to get you. So that is what I have been working on. And this week is the week I have got it. Sure I am not perfect at it; but with hope comes love. That is my experience. Usually I would say things in my head or out loud about the person and from the get-go I have a negative feeling towards this brother or sister! A lack of love you could say. But now, with hope; there is an instant love. So friends and family, if you don’t mind I am going to give you an engagement. Have more hope in the people you meet. Have more hope for the person who cuts you off. Instead of, “who does this guy think he is?! Bleep bleep bleep…” let us think in hope. “He probably spilled his coffee this morning, and didn’t have time to wipe the snow off his windshield and is late for work.” Of course this example never happens… 😉 But you get the idea. Have a little hope in someone. And may I add, in yourself. I promise you will see, feel, hear, taste, (all the senses, even if they don’t apply here) love for the brothers and sisters who surround you. I love you guys, have hope. Have hope, because He has hope in you.
Elder Ehlert

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