Beat the Heat – Drink Water (Week 85)

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Dear everyone,

  Well it has been a real hot week here in Martinique. And when I say hot I mean like in the 35s everyday. And what was even better was that the power on 80 percent of Martinique totally died. So we were without fans and cold water for about 15 hours in the raging heat. But I can’t complain too much, I am taking it as a sign from God that I need to lose weight. 😉
  This week we focused a ton on baptism and teaching to it. And it really does make life a whole lot simpler when you prepare someone to recieve an engagement. So we have been doing that and we have seen a change in the peoples responses to our teaching. I am excited to see the miracles that will produce as we improve our teaching skills.
  This week at church a member named Fr Noel invited tons of people to church! And what was cool was that there was at least one new person for each companionship’s sector. So we have a cool new contact named Stanley. He is haitian and just loves already the gospel. During the second hour he was just soaking up all the new things he was learning and he expressed his love already for the church. It was awesome. He will be baptized this month. Another cool thing, I just finished “A Marvelous Work and a Wonder” by Legrand Richards. It was sweet. It is a book that puts some complicated things so simply.
  Well, I will finish with a testimony (because I don’t share it enough already), that I know that this church is true. And that if you have that feeling of “something is missing” is is probably that fact that you don’t have what I have been teaching for almost 2 years. I know that this gospel is the only true and 100 percent correct, without fault, awesome gospel on the face of this earth. And I invite you to figure it out for yourself if you don’t already know. 🙂 Love you all, talk to you next week.

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