Atheists in Guadaloupe (Week 66)

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Dear Everyone,

I am going to stray from the beaten path and start my email in just going to the cool things of the week.

This week we did lots and lots and lots of biking. And Elder Glover, because he had the Chik, gets a rash all over his body after over exerting himself. So it is safe to say that he had a rash everyday this week.

We found lots of cool people this week, along with the few crazies. Just yesterday we found a guy who was so drunk it was amazing he was still standing. So trying to move on, he followed us and kept asking for a drink. So we gave him a Plan of Salvation pamphlet. I don’t think he could make out the difference.

This week we found about 8-10 athées (atheist) which is a ton here in Guadeloupe (or the West Indies for that matter). I know Elder Christiansen is just giggling in his boots saying, “I get 8-10 in half a day!” I think they all group together for support or something because they were all in the same complex. But one of these guys was actually genuinely interested. So we taught him and he accepted a rendez-vous to talk some more. He will be baptized soon. I can feel it.

Julie was suppost to be baptized this Saturday, but she is struggling a bit with her confidence. So we decided to stop talking about the date and just focus on what she knows and strengthen her. She will be baptized with the month of Fev. Please send your prayers for her.

And good news. After gaining 10 kilos on a mission, I am losing weight. Yes for eggs and pasta.

I love you all thank you for your love and prayers. Know that they are coming right back at you from Guadeloupe.
-Elder Ehlert

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